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Over 20 Years Helping Individuals with Achieving Success.

You can’t outperform your own thinking. Mapping out your life strategies allows you to get a visual picture of your life and how to make the changes needed to live a better life.
G. McDowell.

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“Living A Better Life”

Was designed as a series of positive transformational materials that will change your life!


Learn the Science of Success

Your better life is waiting for you to learn how to bring your dreams into reality. Your ideas, inspirations, dreams, and goals need solid planning, guidance, clarity and conviction to succeed. Success leaves clues and we can help you find them.


Choose a Better Life

Life is about the choices we make and don’t make day by day. You always have a choice, even when others say you don’t. The first steps towards creating a better life is the desire to want one and the decision to go forward and start creating one.


Making the Choice for Positive Change

Living a better life starts with making the decision to start today!

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Gaylon McDowell is a professional speaker, life and success coach. He has spent over 20 years assisting people with achieving success, transformations and maintaining targeted life and career goals. Gaylon started his career working in the spiritual sector as a minister, teacher, trainer and spiritual counselor.

Professional speaker, life and success coach. Gaylon started is career working in the spiritual sector as a minister, teacher, trainer and spiritual counselor

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